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The Future of Nutrition by T. Colin Campbell

Its been almost a week since I wrote a review. I have piled them all up once again and hope that this time around I do not taper off during the writing of the reviews.

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I usually do not review books that I have not read cover to cover. This time around, I decided to make an exception since I read more than 3/4th before losing access to the advance reviewer’s copy. Also, the content is such that more people should read it and bring it into the discussion.
The author of the book has been researching Nutrition for years and has clearly stated how he and many of his family members have incorporated his findings into their daily lives. Even if the readers are unwilling or not interested in believing the results, the process by which he has come to his conclusions and the enormous pressure big industries have put into the divulging of the experiments is both fascinating and scary.
The book is about the benefits of plant protein compared to that of animal protein in the long run. There is an extensive background provided before the actual content is discussed, and this, among other things, does make the narration seem defensive. Again though, the story justifies the aggressive stance. I must admit I am a vegetarian and therefore predisposed to cheer the content, but I think it might interest those curious about the scientific basis for the thought, implementation and benefits of an altogether plant-based diet (which I do not follow either because of my semi-regular milk intake).
I also liked that the conversation was not just about blindly substituting protein( or even taste) but also about eating whole. This means that abundant fast (fried, overcooked) foods are chastised irrespective of their origins.
Once the author gets going, the reading seemed to be effortlessly fast. Unfortunately, I did not actually finish the book (as previously mentioned). Anyone even remotely curious about the content after reading the blurb and/or this review should definitely pick it up.
I received an ARC thanks to Netgalley and the publishers, but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience and mildly influenced my previous forays into a plant-based lifestyle.

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