Death Drops the Pilot (Chief Inspector Littlejohn #25) by George Bellairs

I have read and reviewed a few other books by the author previously on the blog

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I have picked up a few books by the author previously. I may not have gotten along as well with them as my fellow bloggers – but they are entertaining in their own right, and I seldom let go of a chance to get an arc for a reprint of older mysteries.
This felt like a more dense narrative than others involving Inspector Littlejohn. It was not hard to read, kept me involved but somehow felt like a bigger book than it actually was. We have a small Island town with its own hierarchy and only connects to the world outside through a ferry system. Into this town come our duo of Inspector Littlejohn and Sergeant Cromwell. They are only partially welcomed as people eye them with suspicion. They are given half-truths, if at all, about the people surrounding the dead man. There are almost two parallel stories, one which we see unravelling and another that bears significant weight on the turn of events but is hidden for quite a while. The Police explained as much to the writer as suspect(s) who were confessing, which helped move the story forward. With multiple layers of reveals, it had me guessing. Overall it was an enjoyable case, just to see how people behave around each other based on what they actually want from the other.

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.

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