Chick lit

The Winter Garden by Heidi Swain

On the lookout for something light to read, I picked this up. The writing was heavier than what I expected from a story along these lines but was well done if slow going. The pace never picked up, but a lot of time is covered, making reading it quite entertaining.
It is a third from a series (which I only discovered while writing this review- I must not have paid attention to the fact when I first picked it up) with previously mentioned characters, but this is the story solely of Freya Fuller, and we are told everything necessary to empathize with her.
Freya is worried about her future and a little down in the dumps when a chance leads her to new opportunities. Since her focus is gardens, there are a lot of gardening discussions. I know nothing about gardening, and despite that, I was not bored but charmed by the imagery thrown up. This is a love story at its core, be it the lead protagonist finding her other half or discovering herself. There are no overly descriptive scenes while maintaining the tension levels between the characters. Initially though, Freya described everyone’s looks so much that I kept jumping from one character to the next as her future partner. It took her telling me (the reader) who she fell for, for me to stop speculating!
I liked the characters, the upbeat nature of the narration and the overall camaraderie of everyone involved. It was positive, and I have decided that my affinity to the author’s characters and turn of phrases enough to pick up another book of hers if given a chance.
For those who celebrate Christmas and like that as a backdrop, there is the extra something in it as well.
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.

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