Chick lit, Romance

Love Lettering and Love at First by Kate Clayborn

For some reason without proper checking I assumed the two books were part of a series and decided to read and review them together. Only when I started the second one did I realise that that was not the case!


I really enjoyed this book! I need to preface the review with this statement because the predominant reviews online seem not to have appreciated it as much as I did.
It is a complete romance based book, the plot points are all redirected towards that, and any personal growth is intrinsically connected to the lead pair finding their own happily ever after. Meg is a hand-lettering expert, and she has found her own niche where she is mildly famous. Before her online presence erupted, she worked at a store and designed the small things required for weddings. Now Meg is labouring under an artistic slump, and one past mistake has resurfaced. She was unprofessional in her actions, but she repented for them and tried to behave better. This is made more difficult when the past comes back to tempt her.
I liked the background discussions of words and the styles and colours and the emotions it brings out in Meg and how that helps her bond with our piece’s ‘hero’. It was different from some of the other backgrounds that characters have. Their excursions to see what New York has to offer was extensive and interesting enough that I saw their relationship form that solid footing. The other scenes were a little too descriptive for my tastes but not really off-putting enough to make me not like the book. I just think any reader should know what they are getting when they pick it up.


This is the second book I read by the author back to back and knew what to expect. It is once again a love story, and the leads are from different professions than the last time around. In the previous book, I liked the female lead’s job, which carried the entire book for me. In this love story, I enjoyed the relationships that the lead pair had with everyone else! That is not to say the lead pair were not suited enough for me, just that the other people were way more entertaining. These interactions were the ones that had me tearing up the few times that I did during the read.
Nora and Will have crossed paths before, but only one knows of it. Nora is now the caretaker of the close-knit community of the apartment building. Will may prove to be an unwelcome addition, and she prepares to drive him out. The reverse (obviously) happens, and there is evidently a happily ever after beyond all those treacherous hurdles.
I laughed a little and felt sad in parts, and although it was a more generic storyline than the previous book, I liked it. The storyline was improved by the short entries of all the random people; their peculiar personal traits made the whole thing very colourful to watch unfold.

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.

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