Cats, Cannolis and a Curious Kidnapping by Cheryl Denise Bannerman

As I nurse my cold, I worked my way through a lot of books. The imagery may not be very appealing, but anyone who has spent a lot of time curled up with a book waiting for your body to set itself to rights will understand completely (Or so I hope). I am finally sitting down to try and review them now.

This story came at a welcome time because I have had it on my kindle for a while, and when I finally picked it up, it sped past, and I was done with it in one sitting!

One of its most significant advantages is the length of the narrative. We meet an author/cat-lady who is getting ready to go to a book signing where she encounters an odd man. Anna’s dialogues and thought processes are all wacky and mildly sarcastic. I am not a fan of extra dramatically exaggerated dialogues, but it works most of the time in the pickle she finds herself in. We are also (quite suddenly) given an audience into the criminal and the actual police officer’s minds. Till then, things were going well, but the minute these supposedly other characters came into the frame, it got a little weird. The plotline itself was not the issue, being a pretty straightforward one. The language and tone of the narrative did not change between the three characters. It almost felt like all this was happening in the head of the same person! I could not tell who the ‘psycho’ was, the hero or our leading lady. The style ensured that neither had a distinct personality. The twist also felt unnecessary because there was no foundation for it – I would not have felt bad if that bit had been omitted.

It was a quick read (as already mentioned), fun, but I might not be picking up the next in the series.
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the review was entirely based on my own reading experience.

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