Fantasy, Young Adult/Children

The Clockwork Crow (The Clockwork Crow #1) by Catherine Fisher


This is a short first book of a middle-grade children’s fantasy which I picked up for some unknown reason. Although there is a bigger secret hidden about the crow, this instalment does work by itself. It mixes a few different feelings with regards to our orphan lead. She is to set out (by herself!) to a previously unknown godfather’s place.
The ambience is just right, and even I was worried about the reception she was to get. I was pretty sure it was not going to be a very welcoming one. On the way, Seren is handed a secret where she does the opposite of what she is told (As an adult, I wearied of the number of times she did not pay any heed to instructions but emerged victoriously!)
It is a decent starting point for the gothic atmosphere and a world where there are ‘others’ who are not to be talked about but hold power. There were small bits with regards to the ‘magic’ that was unexpected. I would have liked it more if the entire thing was a little more fleshed out. I would recommend it to readers in the preteen age is they wanted to try historical fiction/fantasy.
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.

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