Non Fiction

The Last Giants by Levison Wood

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Still available for request on Netgalley as of the writing of this post

I recently read a picture book which focussed on Elephants with the most amazing photos. This book did not have the pictures, but it had the author’s emotional investment in getting the complexities of Elephant conservation across.
Although there are some on the other side of the globe, this particular book focuses on the African ones (as the cover page proclaims). The author begins with an introduction about his own attachment to elephants. After a brief history of these magnificent creatures, he moves on to the practical issues facing their continued survival.
Some topics covered here will be public knowledge, but some angles elaborated here were quite enlightening.
It is not a very merry topic to debate upon, and that is another point that discussed, about how spectators from around the globe voice opinions about the conservation efforts but do not really sacrifice anything for it, unlike the people actually living in the same areas- this was probably my biggest takeaway from my read. It was a sobering realization.
I do not read as many non-fiction books as some other followers of this genre because I find them slow to read. In this case, I did not have that issue. The author is talking to us, the readers, and the style works.

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.

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