Historical fiction, Mystery

Mortmain Hall (Rachel Savernake #2) by Martin Edwards


I saw this book on the blogosphere and was tempted to pick it up. It took me a while to get around to it, and I am glad I gave it a shot. The writing was very atmospheric, and the mystery was built well.

Two things did not work for me though, one was the narrative pace (despite liking the writing); I wanted the story to move along faster. The second and more prominent personal issue I had was the ending, not the conclusion at the very end, those turn of events I quite liked, but the actual resolution provided for the bulk of the case(s) introduced to us. It was unexpected in some ways and expected in others, but I was left wanting a little more!

I have not read the first book, and as per a fellow blogger Kate’s review, it is preferable to go for the full effect. The setting is quite unique; we have in our lead protagonist a loner with a very sketchy upbringing under a slightly mad Judge. She works to her own tune and has a tight band of trusted people that she keeps close. This time around, a tip sends her to the aid of someone who does not want it. This leads to more than one death. Her friend from the papers also decides to help in the best way he can, but his sleuthing seems to do more harm than good. A dark part of London of the time is explored. Overall, even the villain(s) of the piece are pretty entertaining in their own way. I am glad I gave it a shot, and I might pick up the next if I ever get the chance to confirm if I will like it more now that I have more than a passing acquaintance of our leading lady.

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.

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