Don’t Ever Forget (Adler and Dwyer Book #1) by Matthew Farrell

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Cynthia Farrell (Narrator)
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I have read two other books in this series that were originally under different series’ and then the characters overlapped, and a new name was formed.
I listened to all three of these books and liked the individual adventures. There were some nail-biting moments before the end rolled around in the previous two cases. The same happened here as well, but it took some time to get there. By the time the end reveal happened (an unexpected twist was included), I was not as involved in the goings-on as I was in the very beginning. The plot is intriguing, with a lot of red herrings. We have a man narrating his past. This same man might be the one with memory losses and who is now missing. There are a few deaths, blackmails, and people at the end of their rope thrown in. We have Susan investigating the crime without taking much help from her colleagues while the situation at the home front is dicey as well. Overall the atmosphere is just claustrophobic enough. The narrator did a pretty good job, although it took me a few chapters to warm up to her style of narration (her voice was too nice for the despair filled situation described in the story)

This is not for the faint of heart (a mandatory warning for anyone picking police procedural/thrillers of this kind). I may not continue with the series. If I do, I would definitely continue to review it here.

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