Historical fiction

The Frequency of Us by Keith Stuart

Narrators: Elliot Chapman ,
 Katy Sobey

I first had a digital copy of this book, then I got a chance to listen to it on audio. This is almost always welcome since it means that it can cut the line and move forward of the books I have pending to read since I can listen to it on the move and when doing my groceries. This story was narrated slowly, and although I heard it at 1.5x, I could still feel the characters’ dignity.
The story does not go the way of normal historical fiction, and the element that makes it different may seem jarring for a few, especially since it is quite unexpected. I really enjoyed another of this author’s books, so I was looking forward to this. There is no similarity between this work and the Boy made of blocks except for how the emotions/despair of people seeps through.
We have an unlikely pair of friends whose paths cross unexpectedly. We have Laura, a nervous wreck and Will, a grumpy old man lost in the confusion that is his life. Laura sets out trying to unravel the past but comes away with more than she bargained for. I thought parts of it could have been trimmed for better effect since Laura’s research into the past seemed to take too long, given the length of the work. The past is narrated by Will Emerson as he remembers it, and it was a good way to simultaneously see the younger and the present versions of the same man, given the way that time has treated him. The explanation of the twist seemed reasonable enough, I did not expect to be convinced by it, but I was.
The lesser said about the actual plotline, the better, especially since the story is revealed to maximize any possible secrets in the narrative. Finally, I have to say I would pick up another book by the author given a chance.
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is entirely based on my own listening experience.

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