Chick lit

Take a Chance on Me by Beth Moran

I really liked the previous book by the author : How Not To Be A Loser by Beth Moran

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I have read just one other book by the author, and I must admit that her narration style appeals to me. I liked reading this book purely from the point of view of the way the story was written. I expected the plot to focus on one woman and her decision to marry someone she has never met. The picture in the book is far more comprehensive than that. Our leading lady ( sort of) is one of five girls, and each of her siblings has something going on. There is no happily-ever-after per se, all relationships need work, and this particular highlight comes across quite vividly. The variety of issues made the book deeper in parts which I appreciated. The central plotline was not as effective in holding my interest. Till the very end, I do not see much of an acknowledgement about what Patrick does with his test. It is not easy to condone the actions of the two people who are handling the project. Neither was thinking straight and were not convincing in how far they let the story go. It made them seem too flaky, and that was not how their family/friends saw them.
The book is supposed to be about a woman who is worn down by many bad dates and decides to participate in a matching scheme that marries her to an ‘unknown’ person. This is supposed to have some vetting, but mostly there are a few loopholes in that scheme.
I liked the SisterApp chain and the family, as well as all their interactions. It is easy to read, heartfelt and the reader can get emotionally invested. The wedding and the aftermath was not my favourite part. I would still pick up another book by the author because I know that I will be able to read it in almost one sitting.

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.

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