Chick lit, Mystery

Laid Out in Lavender (A Garlic Farm Mystery #3) by Gin Jones

I have read and reviewed two other books in this series on the blog earlier.

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Although I have read two books of the series previously, my reaction to this one and the rating I decided to give show how much of a roller coaster it’s been. I enjoyed the first, the second – not so much. This, however, was quite entertaining.
The story felt shorter than its pages because it lasted over two days. From start to finish, the entire plot covered the rehearsal and the actual wedding ceremony of a couple next to the lavender on the farm. I would not really recommend jumping into the series at this point even though it can be safely done (since not much prior information is required to understand the underlying facts of the narrative. The prior experience with Mabel and her idiosyncrasies will show how far she has come when we end up with her here at a wedding. She is still blind to hints but not to the extent to annoy me (like in the previous case). Catching the culprit was not as essential as untangling the knots caused by the various interactions of everyone in the rehearsal dinner. The best part I felt was that we were not to take any character at face value (both good and bad); each showed an additional dimension by the time the plot reached its eventual end, with Mabel having figured it out just in time to be a threat to the culprit(s). The story flowed so smoothly that I had to finish reading it in one sitting.
I look forward to whatever comes next for Mabel and her community.

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers; the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.

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