Spellslinger (Spellslinger #1) by Sebastien de Castell


Since I started blogging, I have often stumbled on this book with interesting reviews. When I saw it sitting on a shelf in my library, I decided to take it home. I find the cover really intriguing.
It is the first in a series and works well in that context. It provides an overview of a society where the literal haves and have-nots have been split up, with the latter serving the former. What they are using as a power tool is magic, which is also not abundantly available. There are undercurrents, some of the truth of their lives is revealed, but there is a lot left unsaid.
We have a boy from a very powerful family (who are on the verge of hoping for more power). He shows no signs of magic himself while his much stronger sister, being well-meaning but naive, puts him on the spot. Things do not get better for our hero all the way through. There is a feeling of expectation at the end.
I liked it but expected more from it. This works better for a younger audience than many of the other fantasy/adventure ones I have read. I am not sure if I will continue with the series (mainly because it turns out the library does not have english versions of the rest), but I might take it up!

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