The Case of the Perjured Parrot (Perry Mason #14) by Erle Stanley Gardner

I am currently on a spree of listening to the books of the series that are available to me. Just this year I have reviewed two others:

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The Case of the Perjured Parrot cover art
Narrated by: Alexander Cendese

As I work my way through the collection, the ones that I can get my hands on, Perry Mason continues to be an engaging read. This particular installment had all the trademarks of something big but ended too soon.
It had all the interesting features, a substituted bird, a possibly duplicitous widow, a very ‘good’ man taken too soon. Unlike the other capers, this time, things wrapped without any tricks by Mason.
A man walks into Mason’s office and asks him to help with the case surrounding his father’s death. There are many clues but nothing conclusive, and we have our duo of Perry Mason and Della set out to figure things out. The side cast of characters was entertaining, and many were lingered on. I enjoyed the narration once again; it was a highlight to feel like watching the sequence of events occur. The investigation moved in a linear pattern, with things being laid out for us as it went along. There was also an extra something thrown in towards the end to change the tone of things.
Funnily enough, given the foundation that was laid, I expected more drama than I got. It was a fun story and slightly different from the last few cases I picked up. I have already queued the next in line!

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