Chick lit

Escape to the French Farmhouse by Jo Thomas


There are times when the predictable is what you want. When you begin a particular book, you know how things will turn out, barring a few surprises. This only works if the writing helps hold the story together and make you want to root for the characters. I liked this enough to look forward to another book by the author that I have on my virtual shelf.
I was a little late getting to this since it released the last august. I am working on my backlist and have made significant inroads into previous year’s releases!. This features in that achievement.
The story begins rather abruptly, with our lead protagonist making a sudden life-altering decision to stay at the French house that her husband wanted the two of them to vacate. What follows involves hard-work, a good heart (Del, the leading lady) as well a helpful and lovable supporting cast who each have their own turn under the limelight. This will especially appeal to expats who have lived in countries where communication is not necessarily in English. There is a measure of two different types of people, and although I almost fall into the category which doesn’t come off looking rosy here, I still enjoyed the book!
The book focuses on the building of a life, beginning with a hobby that needs and drive changes to a job and then something that Del’s entire future might depend on.
A wide array of age groups are mentioned here, and it was an interesting read that I read in about two sittings. I would recommend it to readers who like stories based in different countries, although I am curious how the visa situation would have played out given the new requirements and if future books take that into account.

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley, the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.

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