The Suicide House (Rory Moore/Lane Phillips #2) by Charlie Donlea

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I have read a book before by the author, but that did not grab my attention as much as this one did. I must admit I gravitated towards this, thanks to a multitude of positive reviews on the blogosphere. Time and again, I have talked about the difference in popular opinion and my own reaction to ‘thrillers’, but I am happy to say that this time around, I found it a breeze to read and was utterly taken aback by the ending. Only the very last chapter before the reveal had me making the correct guesses.
We have a lot of narrators to perfectly muddy the waters. For almost the first 1/4th of the narrative, I was unsure of the lead voices. When we begin, we follow two reporters, each with a different approach and backing into the deaths at a school. Then the story shifts to another two people who are part of the investigative unit, each with their own way of handling cases and their own baggage. Every few chapters, we are taken to the people actually at the school-both in the year of the events and the current ‘now’ of the book. Hardly any of the people are likeable, but that goes with the territory of this kind of set-up.
The story moves at different paces during the unravelling, something that I found new. I was not given any time to form bonds with the suspects or the investigators. The ending suggested quite a long possible engagement between all the various characters. If given a chance, I will continue to follow the adventures they are bound to have.

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley, the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.

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