Chick lit

Holiday in the Hills by Lilac Mills

After almost a week off of writing reviews, once again I am sitting down to do a slew of them at one go. Now, this has me wondering if it’s time to pause the blog altogether but when I do end up writing a post I still get the thrill that I used to. So I am sticking with the ‘do not be lazy’ plan and work my way back to a semblance of me previous rhythm.

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I liked this book and the writing style and am prefacing my review with this statement because I gave it three stars. This is mainly because I followed it up with another, more recent book by the author and liked it even better and found this to be the only way to differentiate between them.
This is a story of a writer in a slump, both professional and personal. She has been sent away to a retreat without much access to social media in order to write a new paranormal romance series- her speciality. It starts on an especially good note with her basing her new hero on the ‘pool guy’. The protagonists’ age was slightly older than the usual books of this family that I pick up, although to be fair, I did not pick up on that point till they talked of children. What follows is a pretty neat romance with a few surprises for our leading lady (not to the readers since followers of this genre will be able to see the facts before the revelations).
The writing flowed. It was the kind of book that one can read in a day or sitting.

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley, the review is entirely based on my own reading experience of this book.

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