Chick lit

If Every Day Was Christmas by Donna Ashcroft

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This book is part of a series, a fact I was not aware of when I picked it up. It did not affect my reading experience since they explained significant plot points from previous visits and let the reader get a feel for the town and its inhabitants.
In this relatively short narrative, it’s Christmas, and our female lead runs a Christmas themed shop, so things are extra special in the first chapter, but things are about to change. Meg is a lovable character who owns her quirkiness of wanting glitter and all the hullabaloo the season has to offer. Her unapologetic and unabashed love for the celebratory mood is in direct contradiction to the male lead – Tom. He hates Christmas for more reasons than one and with good reason, once you hear his story.
This is definitely a book about how opposites attract and even repel a couple of times. Both have baggage, and they might just be in time to shed the load. Overall this is a sweet story of found families (and real one’s finding each other) and simply done. Some of the conclusions did not convince me, given the routes they took to the ending. I was not as invested as I wanted to be given the writing. I would try another of the author’s works given a chance.
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley, the review is entirely based on my own reading experience of this book.

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