The Sound Between the Notes by Barbara Linn Probst


The author has used personal experience to provide an added edge to this story. In its essence, it is a quest to identify oneself.
Our lead protagonist, Susannah, has had a sudden stroke of luck when her old mentor directs her to an audition. This is supposed to be the start of something new and adventurous when she also gets a whole other kind of news. This conflict is further exacerbated when the idea of nature versus nurture has her thinking back about her hunt for her birth family.
Although Susannah was lovingly brought up by her adoptive family, she still feels the need to know about her roots in order to feel whole. The book swings between that past and how the current events of her life and her reactions to them are affecting her.
It was a well-written story, but somehow it felt a little long (it actually was not). Personally, I liked the growth arc, but many of the interpersonal conversations with the secondary characters felt a little repetitive. I expected more, given the speed at which I was able to follow the unfolding events. Some parts are more heart-rending than others but overall had a lot of emotion generously sprinkled in.
I would still recommend this to readers of this genre if the blurb sounded interesting.

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley, the review is entirely based on my own reading experience of this book.

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