Drama, Humour

46% Better Than Dave by Alastair Puddick

I am working my way closer to the middle of the year and the mid-year stats I usually do! Since I have not yet documented any of my reads for the year, I see a lot of work in the next week or so!

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This is another of m backlist reads. It is a book I have had on my shelf a while and only now gotten around to. It has a very odd premise, although, if you think about it, the rapid obsession shown in the tale rings true.
Dave Brookman is an ordinary man leading an average life with a house, wife and kids. Then one day, in a flashy car with a better-looking family, another Dave Brookman moves in next door. This sends our original man into a spiral. He uses his brain that works in percentages to chart out how different he is from his new neighbour. Insane jealousy and poor self-worth have him drowning in sad thoughts while his family is pushed away due to his behaviour.
It is a realistic portrayal of a man who feels sorry for himself. I would have liked it even better if it was a shorter escapade. He has one too many almost recoveries before the actual epiphany. If not for that and maybe a slight reduction in the swearing, I would have rated it higher.
I am sure that people who are not bothered by casual swearing of people at the end of their rope would enjoy this chaotic but eventually positive learning arc even more than I did.
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley, the review is entirely based on my own reading experience of this book.

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