Judge’s Girls by Sharina Harris

I have read and reviewed another book by the author : here

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I picked this book up solely because I read and liked the author’s previous work. I did not even pay attention to the blurb when finally getting around to it. I have not read too many books by people of colour in the US (More this year than the last few, but still), making this experience even more refreshing.
There is so much I want to talk about this book, especially having binged it in one afternoon when I was fighting my need to take a nap. I did not regret a minute of it. I wept copious tears for vast chunks of it and am still trying to figure out exactly why it affected me so.
The most essential point in this regard has to be the fact that all the people, the lead protagonists, the supporting cast and the love interests and last but not the least, the eponymous Judge are fallible people. Each person we encounter is flawed in one manner or another, and some of them are doing their best, which makes the read worth the while. The story is simple in concept; we have two daughters, one wife left after the demise of a well-loved man. Their dynamics are complicated, with race being a primary starting point. I do not want to go into the plot points which drive the narrative forward because it would take away from the learning and emotional bonding that could happen otherwise. I highly recommend this for anyone who reads this genre and likes positive reinforcement (at the core) of female relationships.
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.

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