Non Fiction

Gone: A search for what remains of the world’s extinct creatures by Michael Blencowe


I finished this book just an hour or so before my electronic review copy expired. I almost gave up mid-way, thinking I was not going to make it, but ultimately I was glad I persevered!
This felt more like a memoir than a book about extinct animals(/birds/insects). The author pours so much of his enthusiasm and childhood memories into the narrative that it is hard not to envision him at the age he is talking about. He continues to be enthusiastic about the Extinct animals even today as he visits museums and other places where the last of the animals are still preserved (in some cases, this might have been the actual reason for the extinction!)
Each chapter begins with an illustration(I find that I prefer actual pictures for things like this) of the chapter’s animal. It then moves on to the history, the first sighting by American/European explorers and what followed. The author also visits some of the places where they once thrived. As mentioned earlier, the lighthearted narrative tone worked well; it never overshadowed the seriousness of the weight of extinction. The combination of these two factors made it an entertaining read, one that works well to dip in and out based on interest and time.
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.

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