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Mid Year Stats 2021 – Graphs Galore

It has been even more lethargic than last year with regards to this yearly plan. The last post was in the beginning of my use of blocks, and I for one, liked it for this purpose.

You can check out my last year’s post: here

I gathered up the strength to work on this in a few days and am pleased with how quickly it all came together. As usual it did its job in getting me excited for the rest of the year! Hope you find it even remotely interesting!

Total: 40390 Audio hours: 106

Shortest read: A Christmas Memory : 95 Pages Longest Read: Rhythms of War: 1088 Pages

I have actually read more than I have reviewed/uploaded on Goodreads, but as I stand by own policies, I will be taking in only the ones I have reviewed for the statistics: 145 vs last year’s 175

Fiction Vs Non-Fiction

Genres of Graphic Novels

Short Stories sorted by Genre and nationality of author(s)

Fiction Vs Non fiction has improved yet again! 15% vs 13% of last year!

Percentage may not have improved but 46 Male and 95 Female which is better than last year!

Non-Audio Pages vs Genre

No. of Books vs Gender vs Genre

Nationality of Authors (Female vs Male vs Multiple)

Sierra Leonean1
South African1

I may have read multiple books by the same author but have not set any filter for that. This is solely on the basis on number of books

Audio listening time has fallen further : 106 (for reviewed books) which totals to 4.41 days

Listening time for audiobooks

Standalone vs Series: 78 vs 67 Keeping that steady!

Books by type and where I got them from

I have been working on my NetGalley backlist this year and it shows!

Special comments:

Bought one book (Chemical Age) after reading
Ten reprints of old classic mysteries

At the end of the year I will have even better results but as it stands, the translated works I have read are:

Gender of TranslatorFrenchGermanJapaneseMandarinNorwegianRussianSpanishVietnamese

Rating spread this year is almost the same as the last year!

Rating by Genre, Mystery has sneaked back in, in comparison to the last year

Locations my reads were based in:( The legend lists the number of books in each country)

I have had a marked improvement in the variety of locations although (obviously) some countries have many more than others.

Fantasy World11
Dystopian World, Europe1

Year of publication:

The timeline of the stories (Any book which did not mention the pandemic, I did not accept it as 2020 but 2019ish):

Do let me know what you think of all of this and if you have any suggestions for other combinations! With this enthusiasm I should go back to my neglected podcast, you can check it out : here

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