Book Recommendations

June 2021 Books Vs Moods

Welcome to my monthly list where I pair the books with the moods they might be best appreciated in. These are books that I have read during the month and recommend to others. The covers link back to the reviews (if you happened to have missed them during the month). I am probably one of hundreds (if not more) of people who are wowed by the fact that not only is 2020 over but half of 2021 as well!

My post for the last month was: May 2021 Books Vs Moods

Rainy day read(cosy/comfortable/Tearful/Joyful/Fun)

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56918289. sx318
55700963. sx318

Restless Energy (Dramatic/Ominous/thriller/adventure)

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53456602. sy475
49504061. sy475
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55513876. sy475
51951854. sy475

Inquisitive mood (In the mood for a puzzle to solve)

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56853462. sy475

Learning MoodInformational

51098288. sx318

Reading Group /Book Club (Debatable)

44035513. sy475
54752488. sy475
40141076. sy475

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