Chick lit, Mystery

Murder in a Scottish Garden (A Scottish Shire Mystery #2) by Traci Hall

I have read and reviewed the previous book of the series : here


I mentioned in my review of the first that this series that it was a promising premise. This promise was extended with this next one. It did not feel like a whole other book, but an additional section to the last. It seamlessly continues from the situations in the last visit to the town, and I would not recommend picking this up without having read the previous one.
The story begins with Paislee on a field trip with her son’s class. She has been given a few kids to handle as they visit the gardens of the local bigwigs. She has a small agenda of her own once within the gates, but before she can act on them, a shot is heard, and chaos ensues. We have a small cast that carries the entire story on their shoulders, reducing the number of guesses that we have for the criminal(s). This essentially means that even before the final scenes, I knew who was responsible.
The characters, their personal issues and the cooling-off of any romantic entanglements in Paislee’s life all added drama to the background, sharing focus with the central plot. In addition, the language used has the accent built-in, which makes for some adventurous reading. Although this series does not answer as many questions about the past as I hoped or built up too many new plotlines, I would pick up the next one if I get the chance!
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.

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