Meme, Six in Six

Six in Six- 2021 edition

I love this meme and am usually on top of it, ready with my selections ( six books for six different categories). I told myself I would post it on the 15th and worked on it at the last minute. Once you start, though, it is very easy to fill in prompts!

This is an early meme hosted by Jo @ The Book Jotter, you can check this link back to her blog for all the possible topics to list 6 books under from the first half of the year.

My last year’s post was: Six in Six – 2020 Edition. I have linked back to the reviews on my blog(if available) if you want to check them out.

Six books I’ve read in an English translation

I’ve had a good year with translated works, even better than the last few years!

56577755. sy475

Six books I abandoned

I let myself move on from quite a few books that I was attempting to read for the second time. The picturization for most of them was not to my taste but I linked them back to Goodreads if you want to check them out!

51086708. sx318 sy475
45435054. sy475
44569647. sy475
52108643. sx318 sy475

Six book I read physical copies of

I am sadly behind on my reviews of physical books even if I have actually read fewer physical books than all my previous years of blogging!!

49203999. sy475
44419441. sy475

Six book covers I loved

I thought that these covers best depicted the mood of the books more than just their individual beauty.

52460447. sx318 sy475
49334205. sy475
51951854. sy475

Six books I have enjoyed the most

There are actually more I was hoping to write reviews of earlier this month, but since I did not get around to it by my self-appointed deadline I have to just ask you to visit again in the next month for them!

56025075. sy475
57295273. sy475

Six authors I am looking forward to reading more of

Irrespective of what I thought of the book linked here, I would pick up another by the author!

55840780. sy475
50799380. sy475
52099370. sy475
52768655. sx318 sy475

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