Mystery, Thriller

Black Coral (Underwater Investigation Unit #2) by Andrew Mayne

Narrator:Susannah Jones

I have been moving house and with a difficult internet connection (or so is the excuse I use), I have piled up more reviews to write than ever before. It must be a sort of record since I started blogging. With more than half the year behind me, I hope that my writing of reviews sees the change it needs if I am to continue maintaining my NetGalley account, not to mention this blog!

I have read and reviewed the previous book in the series: here

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As I mentioned in my review of the first book, there was potential in the concept and setting. The characters were unique, and this helped flesh out the content.
I listened to this as an audiobook, and once I started, I was hooked. I had to follow the investigation through every loop possible. Given that we are not privy to the actual voice of the guilt party, the revelation did not hold as much power as the actual unravelling of a very old but not-yet cold killing spree.
This is set up as police procedural with one main difference, the department handling the case(s) is in its infancy and fighting to gain some semblance of legitimacy among an already overcrowded but still overworked set of agencies in Florida. The department members can be counted on a single hand with maybe even a finger missing, but they make up for their numbers with dogged determination and the very real need to make a difference.
I will not go into the cold case or the hunches our lead protagonist stubbornly holds on to, but I do recommend meeting her first in the previous work just to get a better idea about her past and present. In this instalment, we do not linger on her personal life enough for someone who just picked this book up first. I look forward to the next case with this team.
I listened to this as part of my KU membership. Once upon a time, I would show a list of the books I intend to pick up next, but I have been so neglectful of these that it would serve no real purpose.

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