Don’t Make a Sound (Sawyer Brooks #1) by T.R. Ragan

Narrator: Jennica Damon

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I have read and reviewed another series by the author. There is pacing in the thrillers that keep it interesting, and when I saw a whole new series (at the time I listened to it, it was still new).
This is an average mystery with a good narrator but is a good base to build on for later stories within the series.
We have two subplots, and as readers, we have to wait for the two to intersect. One shows a group of vigilante women who have been gathering for a while and are planning something bigger this time around. The second (and maybe main) storyline is of Sawyer Brooks heading back to her hometown and encountering many unfinished stories. There is enough graphic detail to warrant a mild warning to those who might not like the pictures it might throw up. As with most stories of this ilk, there is almost nothing more that I can (or even should say which would not dampen the ‘thrill’ part of the genre. This, in turn, means that this might be one of the shorter reviews I have written (even with all the padding that I have added). I did not ‘enjoy’ the book as much as I would have wanted to, but I am definitely picking up the next!

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