See Her Die (Bree Taggert #2) by Melinda Leigh

Narrator: Christina Traister

I have read and reviewed the previous book of the series: here

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I listened to this book a while ago but thought I’d club this review with the next in the series that I had queued up. I waited long enough, but since it did not look like I was picking up the next amidst my current reads, I had to decide. This (as is obvious) meant I would be writing the review now instead of some random time in the future!
This is a well-written continuation of a series with good potential. I say this with certainty because, despite the time that has passed since I listened to it, the blurb brought back the narrative. It is also a reflection on the narrator that I could remember the story vividly.
Bree is struggling in her new role. ‘Fitting in’ is the hardest aspect. People are not as willing to let her do her job or trust her gut instinct over what might be very (or too) obvious evidence.
In this struggle, she is also caring for her niece and nephew, wondering if she has time for a new relationship and keeping her witness/suspect safe. The case itself is better approached with the speed at which the book unfolds the information.
Overall, the series continues to be fast-paced and has built up enough of a foundation to build stably on.

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