Adventure, Humour

The Secret of Chimneys (Superintendent Battle #1) by Agatha Christie

Narrator: Simon Jones

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I am working my way through rereads of older books that I can now listen to. I read these at a time when I was unsure of the pronunciation of things and had no way of confirming (or even the will to look). I said Hercule Poirot anyway I wanted until almost college because I had never watched the shows/movies!
I want to check if the stories stand the test of time or if I enjoyed them in middle school because it was the only books I could lay my hands on that worked well for both adults and younger audiences. I missed quite a few mild innuendos in Agatha Christie’s books when I was younger, mostly because they were just slipped in. I discovered them only during my recent rereads. They are nothing scandalous, just surprising to someone who thought she had read them completely the first time around.
I liked this book when I first read it. It was light, and I even remember when I had picked it up. Listening to it was a true delight. I know this book is not particularly highly rated, and the mystery is not even the main focus, but it was fun. I finished it in a single day by playing it whenever I had the time. It is a story of an unlikely hero with a dubious past who is handed two strange tasks to carry out. The two seem unrelated, but all the attention he seems to be getting make him overly cautious. Then there is the family at Chimneys and all their related people who are entertaining in their own right. When the final reveal(s) happen, they are primarily a surprise because we are not provided many ways to make our own appropriate guesses.
If one approaches this book less as a mystery and more of a madcap adventure, it works better.

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