Non Fiction

Written in Bone by Sue Black

I have read and reviewed the author’s previous work on the blog : here. Also the post where I had the most conversation on comments ever!


This book is probably an easier read (despite the contents) for those who like to dabble in True Crime/Forensics than the author’s previous work. There is lesser personal information provided here, but the little that is is pretty heartbreaking to imagine.

The book is divided into major parts of the body. We are provided with some biological and scientific facts of those respective parts. After this general overview, we are given a well-detailed foray into a case highlighting those salient facts. Some of them have our author actually participating in the investigation, whereas some were historical stories that are morbidly fascinating.

There is a running thread of subtle humour in the writing that is more pronounced here than in the other book. This makes it a smoother experience. I found it simultaneously hard to put away and continue uninterrupted. The former because I wanted to hear more about some extremely strange occurrences, even as the number of facts, scientific and otherwise, got me feeling a little buried in data. It is definitely not a one-sitting read like fiction books but worth reading if one is even remotely interested in human physiology and forensic investigation. The wide experience, both in years and the variety that Sue Black has had, reflects in the range of the stories presented to us. Caution and patience is something that is focused on as a requirement do a good job in most of the examples. Similarly, we need to pace ourselves in order to best absorb those stories.

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the review is entirely based on my reading of this and the previous work by the author.

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