Drama, Historical fiction

Love and Miss Harris (The Company of Fools Book 1) by Peter Maughan

I have read two books by the author of a different series:

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The two other books I read by the author focused on a village and its inhabitants. There were discussions about wealth and survival amidst general humour that I could get.
There were moments in this book as well, but they were not exactly something I instinctively ‘got’. Maybe fans of theatre would be better suited to finding any hidden jokes.
We have a band of unlikely fellow people who end up getting a second lease of life post-war thanks to an unlikely benefactress who writes a play. This play is brought to life, and the troupe goes on tour.
The plot is light on specifics since we have many moving parts and characters. They all come together towards the end, but it is the writing that holds it together. There is always a sense of something entertaining just around the corner. The characters are all very different and bring something eccentric into the mix. I liked reading it, although I am not sure I will follow up with the next in the series.
I would recommend it to readers of the historical fiction genre who are looking for something that focuses less on the war and more on the after-effects and general life of people in England.
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience of this and the previous works by the author.

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