A Stranger at the Door (Rachel Marin Thriller #2) by Jason Pinter

I reviewed the previous book of the series : here

Narrated by: Angela Dawe

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This book picks up right where we left off. Rachel is in a stable relationship, has some kind of official ties to the police, but things are about to change.
First, we are introduced to something off at the school where her son struggles to maintain a stable life. Rachel cannot tamp down her paranoia, and she ends up alienating anyone who comes close to her family. This adventure continues that trend.
The narrator made this book come to life and kept me hooked, wanting to know how things turn out. To some extent, we can guess where things are headed, but still, it had some nail-biting moments.
The relationships are a focal point in this narrative. We have Rachel, finding a semblance of normality in a romantic relationship but struggling in the familial harmony department. The whole tense situation is very absorbing, and you feel invested in the outcome.
There is no way that Rachel’s past and actions can ever be revealed safely to any other law-abiding adult, and this makes it hard for me to imagine enjoying any future stories in this world since a happily-ever-after does not seem possible!
I will try the next just to confirm if my theories are possible, though.
I do not want to talk of the actual case in the story because it is very convoluted and does not necessarily end the way it begins. I would recommend this series to anyone on the lookout for another ‘Woman saves the day and does it well’ thriller.

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