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The Daffodil Affair (Sir John Appleby #8) by Michael Innes

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Unlike a few other classic crime fans, I actually enjoyed John Appleby’s books. I liked the main character and the way his mind worked. I even let the technical references of things I did not know pass me by and just enjoyed the tone of the narration and even the slow pace. I saw all this in advance because I did not like this one!
I picked it up solely because I thought it was a good way to continue to make a dent in a very long series.
This was a very, very strange book. We have magic, witches and hocus pocus all thrown in. This is further blended with con artists, scientists (of some sort) and even a psychic (sort of) horse!
Our lead protagonist Sir John Appleby (who hasn’t been knighted at the time), even cures a person’s multiple personality disorder! I am not making any of this up. Maybe you should pick it up to see how much it deviates from the others that I have rated and enjoyed!!
I do not want to go further into the plot only because I cannot actually coherently tell you what happens. All I know is I am glad I stuck with it and found some solace at the normal(ish) ending with some of the subtle humour I enjoyed previously make a brief appearance.
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.

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