Chick lit

The Bookish Life of Nina Hill (The Bookish Life of Nina Hill #1) by Abbi Waxman

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This is one of those rare occasions where my reading experience vastly differs from the majority by being more positive instead of the other way around. I do not know if it was because I was reading it in an actual book form or if I was just in the mood for something; I really enjoyed this book from start to finish.
I must admit that the narrative style is not for everyone. There is only so much aside commentary some people would be willing to take. I am not one of those people. I loved the running commentary that Nina provided as she tried to reorganize her life with every new twist that every other day threw her way.
Nina is leading a very scheduled but otherwise ordinary life when she finds out that her father had lived in the same city as her, and she now had a huge family (huge might be an exaggeration) who are reacting to her existence in different ways. What Nina does next and how she acclimatizes to facing more unknowns than her brain is comfortable with forms the bulk of the plot.
There is a love story snuck in, which just helped add to the confusion in Nina’s life. Her panic and feeling of being overwhelmed made sense to me and felt real. Overall, I read it in about one sitting while I waited for movers to move things from one house to another (I was not on supervision duty) and actually chuckled a little before I reached the end.

I would recommend this to anyone who hasn’t given it a chance yet.

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