Concrete Clockwork by Laura Breck

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The story is an odd mix of genres. It does not go the way one would (or at least I did) assume it would go. We first encounter the lead protagonist attending an interview for a fancy job, or so she assumes. She is caught in an inescapable net, and the only thing she can do is follow instructions. There is a timer on an issue, and Lottie has to beat the clock to save lives, including hers and the ones she loves.
The ending and the provided semi-twist made it worth finishing, but this was not a book for me. Although they were all described well, I struggled to connect with the people, even though the writing was pretty efficient. The author did a great job presenting the story, but the story itself did not hold my emotional attention. A lot is happening in the story, and it is a reasonably quick read.
It is the kind of book where I say that I personally did not enjoy, but others will! I would recommend it to the readers of the more romantic thriller genres. The possibilities of relationships are laid down more as a subtext than actually on the page. There is an undercurrent that might be picked up to be the focus in future instalments, which is again something most readers would appreciate. On the whole, I did not want to talk down the book but still bring out why it was not for me. I hope I managed to convey that with this review!
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.

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