Chick lit, Mystery

Cobblered to Death by Rosemarie Ross

Yet again, I broke a good streak by being lazy for just one day, this cascaded into multiple lazy days of reading but not updating it here..and everyone knows how that goes, or I at least hope they do! I am restarting the posts and this time I hope to stick with it all the way through. Especially since I have been reading some great books of late, but they may not make it into this month’s reviews, so you will have to keep checking back in to read about them next month!


There has been a sequel to this book since I got my hands on the first, but I have not actually read it yet. I was a little late getting to this one too! It had been on my virtual shelf a while before I picked it up.
There is a certain formula to a good cozy mystery, an offbeat location, an interesting vocation and an inquisitive protagonist. This has all the components to set up a series. Our leading lady, Courtney, has been lying about her background to the followers of her cooking show. Based on that very image, she is to host a cooking show. She is not the judge, but she gets entangled in an annoying situation when one of the contestants starts to imply blackmail.
What follows is a steady input of suspicions, information and changes in relationships between the small cast of people we are introduced to.
It was a quick read once I started it, and I did not guess the ending, although I thought that the romantic angle(s) could have been omitted since they did not add anything to an otherwise progressing case.
I would recommend it to readers of the genre since the writing and characters were intriguing enough to keep wondering about the next ‘thing’.
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.

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