Adventure, Drama

A Song For The Road by Kathleen M. Basi

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I was apprehensive about the book, or rather my experience of it one chapter in. It began with God in the forefront, and I was unsure how the rest of the story would turn out. Surprisingly enough, the concept of faith and its role in sustaining the main characters was done well and not in a preachy way. It was just part of their lives, and that worked out well in the overall picture, without alienating me, a reader with different beliefs.

Once I got past that extremely personal hurdle, the book was unique in the way it dealt with sorrow. It did not have the standard arc of a character learning to come to grips with grief, become a different person, and look at their entire lives in a rosy manner. It was more complicated than just that.

It has been one year since she lost her family, and Miriam is just reaching a breaking point. She loses control and is forced to take some time off to recuperate. How she uses this time comes as a surprise to everyone, including herself!

The emotions that Miriam goes through is so raw that it was hard not to shed a tear or two (or many) with her. There is also the discussion of context and perception when it comes to relationships and how they hold up in the generic idea of what they are supposed to look like. Not all the issues are tied up in a bow, making it more realistic. There is no way that Mariam can be completely happy at the end of the book, but she is starting to find a way to heal, and that is what made this book a great read. I did not go into the individual details of what the title means or the actual events that she faces because they are part of the reading experience, and I would not want to purposefully interfere with that.

This book is not for anyone looking for an uplifting book, although there is growth. The sadder tones are more predominant while it is dealt with. I would therefore ask people to be aware of that fact while going in.

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.

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