Adventure, Drama

Hadley & Grace by Suzanne Redfearn

Narrators: Christina Traister , Sarah Naughton , Peter Simonelli

I have reviewed this book on the heels of another pair of women in a sort-of borrowed car. I thought they went together in their own way. I normally do not look out for such threads or connections because if I got into it, it would mean a lot more work than I currently put in in terms of scheduling reviews! Maybe someday I might make more of an effort on that front, but I hope you still take away something from my reviews.

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I picked this up because I really enjoyed the author’s writing in another book(In an Instant). The biggest difference was that I read an e-copy of that one while I listened to this. After hearing all the events unfold, I get the strangest feeling that I enjoyed this more because of the medium in which I experienced it. I might not have liked it as much if I had read it.
We have the titular Hadley and Grace, both connected by the thinnest of threads, each with their own issues. They decide to be brave and break the rules on the same day and get tied together. When the escapade began, I could not imagine an appropriate ending that would satisfy me. Although the ending provided to us was complete in its own way, it seemed unrealistic given the stakes. This is probably the only complaint I had from the entire experience.
The characters described in the narrative are all flawed, but this is what makes their shared experience that much more entertaining. Hadley, Grace and the children are fleeing for their lives in one way or another, and this comes at a cost. The only positive that comes out of it is the strengthened relationship between all of them.
On looking back, my review seems a little bland in comparison to the madcap adventure that should have been goofy but is not. I have provided the salient points of what is in the story and the people involved but am unable to change my tone to convey the gravity of all that unfolds. Some of the events seemed incredibly out of the blue, but they did advance the narrative.
I liked the author’s writing and felt like it brought the situation to life. The narrators also did a great job. Once I started following the book, I wanted to hear it all the way to the end, just to know what would happen next.
I highly recommend the author for well-written emotional scenes and dynamic characters, with appropriate focus on secondary characters as well.

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