Chick lit, Mystery

Death at the Gates (Epiphany Bloom Mysteries Book 3) by Katie Gayle

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I have reviewed the previous two books in the series and have been critical of why I liked certain parts of it and of the other elements that I found annoying. I decided to stick with the series and give it another shot and was rewarded. This is probably the best book of the series to date.
It is the mystery aspect of the plotline that brings a new shine to the tale. Pip has lost yet another job at the beginning. This time also, she refuses to see any mistake on her part to the reason behind her ousting. She finds it unfair. Luckily for her, the next job comes literally knocking at her door in the form of her roommate’s sister. The result of which has Pip going undercover as a physical education teacher at an elite girls school. Before she gets there, it is just a question of cheating, but once Pip starts digging, someone ends up dead.
Somewhere around this point that I was very sure who the culprit(s) was (rightly so), but the red herrings were fun to watch from the cosy perch of knowing the right villain(s) after all. I usually am restless if I uncover the plot beforehand, but the supporting cast kept the tone entertaining (her sister continues to be the best for laughs) and had me enjoying the randomness of the investigation. Despite all the new books to take notes in and the notes that she takes, Pip is not exactly the best sleuth. She finds the criminal(s) at just about the time they show their hand. I had not expected to like the book as much as I did, and I have rethought my stand on continuing on with the series if I get the chance!
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.

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