The Argument by Victoria Jenkins

I lasted 18 days, publishing a post everyday and being satisfied with the way those posts turned out. Then I dropped the ball again with no exact reason. I am starting again today and hopefully this time around, last longer!

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This is an older book that I am only just managed to read. I am always on the fence with regards to picking up a book that has a family thriller theme. There is always a twist at some point, and sometimes I feel like it was just put in there for the sake of it.
I have read another book by this author and found it quite entertaining and in keeping with the ambience of the narrative, so I was more confident about my experience with this one. I was right in this assumption.
The story begins in a normal way; we have a mother worrying about her teenage daughter who is going off the rails (by her standards), and she is struggling to make sense of the situation as well as what the next steps need to be.
The home situation is further elaborated upon, and slowly the cracks get clearer. The reader is drawn into the depressing world of the book, but it is only towards the end that it takes an unexpected turn. I will, obviously, not be going into any further details. I would have rated it slightly lower if not for the follow up to the revelations, which made more sense than I would have liked.
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.

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