Comics & Graphic Novel, Historical fiction

Savior (Purple Heart, #1) by Éric Warnauts

Art by Warnauts and Raives

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I started and stopped this book a couple of times before I actually saw it all the way through. The first time I paused, it was because it was unexpectedly angst-ridden and seemed too heavy. Then maybe because most of the characters were a little too unlikeable. Then, after reminding myself that most graphic novels of this ilk are dark, I started it again.
Ensuring that I expected the concept made it easier to read the book. One bonus is that despite being the first in a series, it is a complete adventure in itself.
Joshua is a troubled man with dark overtones (and undertones, if I am specific). His role in his office was not exactly clear to me, but he handles the more sensitive matters. In this case, it is a man who is being blackmailed. His wife is ‘exotic’ and maybe not as clueless as he plays her out to be. There is another Nazi-related (this is historical fiction) plot being unravelled in the background.
It is not a quick read because of all the emotions and plots (with sub-plots) swirling around. It was an entertaining book, and I am glad I did read it completely.
I would recommend it to anyone who is familiar with graphic novels of this type.
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the review is entirely based on my reading experience(s).

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