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September 2021 Books Vs Moods

My last month’s wrap up post was: August 2021 Books Vs Moods. This is my own spin on a monthly wrap up. These are the books I reviewed in September ( I will not say read because a lot of them were catch-ups from previous months) matched with the moods them might be best experienced in.

Each cover (should) lead back to the review, in case you missed checking them out the first time around!

Rainy day read(cosy/comfortable/Tearful/Joyful/Fun)

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58364340. sy475

Restless Energy (Dramatic/Ominous/thriller/adventure)

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56816267. sy475
49182038. sx318

Inquisitive mood (In the mood for a puzzle to solve)

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58263513. sy475
58598443. sy475

Learning MoodInformational

55898375. sx318

Reading Group /Book Club (Debatable)

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54303848. sy475
57638052. sy475
59001396. sy475

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