Mystery, Thriller

Games People play , So It Began by Owen Mullen

Sometimes when I am trigger happy, I end up accumulating too many of an author's books without having confirmed my affinity to the writing!This is exactly what happened with this author. I requested and was granted access to four books from three different series. I thought I would start with the one in which I… Continue reading Games People play , So It Began by Owen Mullen

Chick lit, Historical fiction

My Boring Life by by Kerry Chaput

In the course of my regular reading year, I come across books that are surprising in various ways. Maybe someday, I will make a post that lists the different ways certain books caught me by surprise in both the good and the bad.This was one that fell under the good category. It is a historical… Continue reading My Boring Life by by Kerry Chaput

Adventure, Thriller

The Milan Contract by Stephen Franks

The book is still up for requesting on NetGalley When the story began, I was mildly confused. The author plays that confusion well and builds up the situations to make us doubt ourselves. We are alternatively shown the unfolding events in real-time as well as the histories of the people involved at all stages. This… Continue reading The Milan Contract by Stephen Franks

Comics & Graphic Novel, Historical fiction

Savior (Purple Heart, #1) by Éric Warnauts

Art by Warnauts and Raives I started and stopped this book a couple of times before I actually saw it all the way through. The first time I paused, it was because it was unexpectedly angst-ridden and seemed too heavy. Then maybe because most of the characters were a little too unlikeable. Then, after reminding… Continue reading Savior (Purple Heart, #1) by Éric Warnauts