Chick lit

Plot Twist by Bethany Turner

I almost did not post today, but the WordPress stat that is encouraging me by keeping track of my writing streak has gotten just that bit more addictive. I am making it more regular and hopefully the content is not suffering as a consequence


When I set the book aside, I got to thinking about the framing of its review. Maybe as I work my way through describing the book and its pros and cons here, I might figure out how to present my thought process.
Olivia Ross has an accidental meet-cute scenario at a coffee shop in 2003. At least it doesn’t start out that way. It is more of a professional shake of hands to meet ten years later. She is to show up with a screenplay, and he would act in it or make it. The beginning was well and good and set up a decent start to the train of events to happen on February the 4th for the next ten years.
Now, the idea of the same day every year used to showcase how the entire previous year has gone is an interesting concept and worked for the most part. The problem I had was with the rush of it all. There was too much information to parse through and digest. I was exhausted by the time we were halfway across. Maybe if the book was divided into multiple instalments with more happening in any given year, I might have even been better equipped to face the passing of time.
Olivia, her best friend, her love life and the changes every year were entertaining, but I was annoyed with the changes when the nth change swung around. So, this is where the strange thing happened. I sort of knew how one part of the ending might turn out, but the other more significant part of the ending was astonishing and very well done. The method of the hows and whys of the reveal was satisfying and ensured that I left the book in a reasonable frame of mind.
I hope I made sense with my ramblings, which may have been all over the place. Anyone who finds the blurb and/or my review even mildly interesting can safely give this book a shot!
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.

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