Historical fiction, Mystery

The Matchmaker’s Lonely Heart by Nancy Campbell Allen


Normally, when I rate books like this one, a cozy historical mystery, I rely heavily on the lead protagonist’s plotline to direct my rating. If I did that in case, I would have to deduct a star. The lead protagonist was extremely annoying, to begin with. Her entourage of cousins was better equipped to be the leading cast of this story than Amelie was. Amelie, a confused working woman when respectable work for women was few and far between, fancies herself a matchmaker/romantic and jumps in with both feet every time she thinks she knows what is happening. Even her naive infatuation was irritating, the way it simmered for too long a time. She should have been able to see the signs she herself was investigating!
There is no secret of the villain of this piece. What unfolds during the narrative is the antics he gets up to and how (and if) the evidence can be gathered against him. Amelie does partially redeem herself with the dedicated work she puts in to gather clues and find relevant information. The story was easy to read; the male lead Michael was a much more intriguing character to hear the thoughts of.
Overall, despite my reaction to this story, I liked the author’s writing and the way the story was narrated. There was some pretty enjoyable dialogues/banter amongst everyone present. I would pick up another book by the author if I get the chance.
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.

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