Children's fiction

Duncan Versus the Googleys by Kate Milner

As expected, when I missed one single day of posting, inertia set in. I used the last week to take a break from blogs and even reading to some extent. I diverted it into some interesting fields. My projects might be displayed here at a later time when I review the connected book!

Either way, there are two reasons I sat down to write reviews today. Non-fiction November is almost here and I love to participate and to do that, I need to work my way through the backlog as well. The other reason is that I decided it was high time I come back before a week’s vacation turns into a longer one (just like it did to my sad attempt at podcasting)

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The timing I picked this book up coincided with something in the latest news, which was quite strange, to say the least. I will not say any more for fear of spoiling one or two of the twists in the book. It is a tale for children and would work better for them, although it was quite decent for adults.
Duncan is the hero mentioned on the cover, but the real ‘hero’ of the tale is Ursula, who knows what’s going on and can do something about it! This story is filled with over-the-top villains and irresponsible parents. Duncan is left at the mercy of a family member he does not know, and once there, he is plunged into the chaos of the first order. The story builds in bursts, with a deepening sense of danger. That is interspersed with some lighter moments, which did make me smile.
There is a lot happening in the background, which took me a long time to assimilate with the main plotline. It does come together nicely to justify me reading it all the way through.
I would recommend it to preteens and younger children because they seemed to be the target audience.
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.

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