Digging Up Trouble (Sweet Fiction Bookshop #1) by Kitt Crowe


In this cozy mystery centred around a book shop and a book club, we plunge into the chaos that is Lexi’s life with her mischievous dog from the very first page. She is back in her home town after a not-so-happy stint outside in a bigger city. As with many of the ‘towns’ that feature in books like this, this one also has a focal point. Here it’s gardening and festivals.
Lexi is struggling to write her own book and finding it hard to choose between two men (as lead protagonist for her fictional and real-world). In this already unsteady life, she finds her neighbour dead. The police are called in, and an official investigation begins, with Lexi doing an unofficial one.
The formula is present, with helpful and unhelpful compatriots, some twists and a naughty dog. It works well in combination with the actual turns the story takes. I partly guessed the solution but found it a little unfair because we do not get appropriate information for it when we should, making it almost impossible to see the ending coming.
I reserve my recommendation to others to try this series until I try out the next book in the series, which I might get to at some point soon.
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.

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