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The Wolf in the Woods by Dan Brotzel

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I really enjoyed a short story book by the author. There was something different about the presentation and the characters within the chapters, and that had me curious about this book.
I should have looked at the blurb a little more cautiously because it does warn the readers about the content of the narrative. It is not a topic/angle that I am overly fond of. This is the story of a slightly older couple who have found themselves in a rut. With their children grown and moved out, one with children of her own, they are trying to find a balance.
They decide to take a dry holiday to find a new rhythm. This holiday happens to be at a house with an odd reputation. Things start unravelling even before they start off on their journey.
We are given a window into both their minds and all the things that make them different from each other. They are bound by years of togetherness, and that is not something that can easily be dismissed. It is not hard to figure out the main plotline behind the unexpected events since it is not really hidden by the author.
I am glad I saw the book all the way through, but it is not the kind of book I would recommend to anyone I know. It is heavy in its analysis and not altogether happy. The explanations are also not really enough, although the writing saved it for me. I liked the caricatures that the descriptions and the conversations threw up bring the people being talked about into startling focus. I would pick up another written by the author given a chance, but hopefully, it is of a slightly different type of tale.
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience of this and another work by the same author.

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