Bone Rattle (Arliss Cutter #3) by Marc Cameron

I hoped to start my November with a post for Non-Fiction November, but I did not put much effort in. So that part has to wait another day.

I have read and reviewed the previous books of the series here


I read the first two books of this series in quick succession and grew fond of the patchwork family of Arliss Cutter (including his workpeople as well). It is a dark series, with the weather and the actual physical location of Alaska weighing into the narrative.
In this instalment, multiple things are happening simultaneously, and they may or may not be related to each other. Cutter tries to establish a little downtime with the kids, but things do not go the way he plans. There is trouble brewing in the background with very nasty people involved.
I cannot really talk of the book’s content without the reveals taking away something from the storyline. I did already mention the ambience of the story but could probably elaborate on that.
Arliss Cutter is a federal employee who has one particular kind of task but as a US Marshall, his job description should have remained simple. His services as a tracker are often lent to other departments when there is an urgent need. In this case, he is called to protect, and that’s pretty much what he does. The character is someone who you can root for. A straightforward person who doesn’t smile or offer pretty words but acts in a manner that his intentions are clear for all to see. Even with the criminal behaviour around him, I look forward to the next book. Especially with a personal conundrum which his niece revealed!
I would not recommend picking this up partway; starting at the beginning of the series provides a better understanding of all the characters’ growth arcs.
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.

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